MicroPower Technologies joins Sprint M2M partner network

San Diego – July 24, 2012 – MicroPower Technologies, Inc., an award-winning provider of surveillance solutions optimized for rapid, cost-effective deployment, has entered into an agreement with Sprint that enables the company to leverage Sprint’s network as an additional channel to transmit wireless video. The addition of the Sprint network takes MicroPower’s video surveillance solutions a step further by enhancing its wireless capabilities with Sprint’s secure and pervasive network, which reaches more than 282 million people nationwide.

The MicroPower Rugged-i is an integrated, solar wireless IP video camera that can be deployed in any location as it is not constrained by wires or cables for power or data. Theflexibility of the Rugged-i enables users to augment existing IP surveillance systems or install new camera solutions in areas that may not be accessiblewith traditional cameras. MicroPower systems are ideal for remote locations and a comprehensive solution is maximized by the addition of a 3G/4G uplink from Sprint to secure video transmission to the back haul.

“MicroPower’s advanced technology, combined with Sprint’s expansive wireless mobile network, allows cameras to be placed virtually anywhere at a fraction of the cost of conventional surveillance systems,” said Jon Siann, Founder and CEO, MicroPower Technologies. “Our partnership with Sprint allows us to exceed customer expectations by enabling them to reinforce thesecurity perimeter and extend protection, while promising high reliability through wireless transmission and immediate system deployment.”

MicroPower surveillance solutions dramatically improve the economics of system deployment through patented technology that delivers improvements in performance and power without compromising quality and reliability. Devices can be deployed on-demand as no wiring or trenching is required, allowing immediate system scalability and a 90-percent reduction in installation time.