Yougetitbacks secures US patent for mobile device loss detection and recovery

Company enables insurance and warranty providers to bundle advanced mobile device technologies that protect the device and the data

Recognising the achievement, Mr.Sean Kelly, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Ireland South, and leading proponent of data safety, said today: “With so much personal and business information being saved on mobile devices, the risk of that information falling into the wrong hands, is real and present. It impacts on consumers, businesses and on our society in general, and it needs to be addressed in legislative forums, and on the devices themselves. I am very pleased that Yougetitback has taken on this challenge so comprehensively. It is an endorsement of the management team’s innovation and thought leadership, that the company is growing strongly, as there is a clear need for consumers and large organizations to be better protected, in this challenging environment.”

Mr.Sean Kelly, MEP will visit Yougetitback’s R&D and administrative headquarters in Cork, on today, Monday, July 23rd, to congratulate the executive and development teams, on winning this patent, discuss the broader issues of data protection and learn of the company’s continued recruitment plans in Cork.