Yougetitback addresses FCC-CTIA Initiative

CORK, Ireland— Enabling cell phone carriers and retailers to comprehensively address new guidelines for smartphone and tablet recovery set forth by a recent FCC and CTIA initiative, leading mobile security software provider Yougetitback (YGIB) continues to offer a range of data protection and device recovery technologies for smartphones, tablets and laptops. YGIB technology is bundled by service providers and retailers into advanced warranty programs and allows mobile devices to be immediately locked down and located anywhere around the globe if lost or stolen.

The FCC and CTIA initiative addresses a major concern in the mobile market: due to the value of the device and the depth of information now typically saved on smart devices, there has been a surge in criminal activity attached to mobile devices — in some cases extending to assault and other serious crimes. This in turn has created anxiety among users, who worry about storing identity-revealing information on mobile devices.

YGIB’s offerings allow customers to completely disable and lock devices remotely, allowing the device to be returned and reactivated once discovered, which takes the FCC and CTIA initiative one step further. YGIB has many methods to track devices once they are lost or stolen, and safeguards devices from being hacked once the lockdown is activated. The YGIB program will lock down and take a photo of the criminal once the device has been reported missing. It will also alert the perpetrator through an alarm, even if the device is turned on silent.

“Enabling our retail, insurance and warranty clients to meet and exceed directives of the FCC and CTIA is a primary value of the YGIB’s offerings,” said Paul Prendergast, CEO, YGIB. “Add to this the peace of mind provided to end-users and its easy to see why warranty programs with YGIB protection and recovery modules increase attach rates, reduce churn and limit fraud.”