Duos Technologies celebrates milestone

Jacksonville, FL-   Duos Technologies Inc. has reached the ten year mark in providing engineered solutions specifically designed for the rigorous requirements of rail and transit security applications.  The company, first established in 1990, evolved into this niche from creating customized and unified programmable logic control (PLC) systems and then into customized and integrated video surveillance systems featuring video analytics.

Today, duostech systems are known for their rail video analytics solutions that have been in operation for over one million hours and outperform any other comparable system.  Comprehensive video analytics based security systems developed, deployed and maintained by duostech, protect critical rail infrastructure including bridges, tunnels, fuel tank farms, and long stretches of rail tracks (virtual security corridors) at many Class 1 rail sites.   Systems have been deployed   in the states of California, Colorado, Indiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and in Washington D.C. and Mexico.  

"For the past ten years Duos Technologies has had the privilege of designing, installing and servicing rail specific security and PSIM systems to our distinguished Class 1 rail clientele," commented Gianni Arcaini President of Duos Technologies Inc.  "Our familiarity with the specific challenges of 24/7 rail operations and a decade of Class 1-specific experience are invaluable factors that give us the ability to deploy and maintain systems under sometimes challenging working environments and do so efficiently on a 24/7 basis." 

The Duos Technologies video analytics platform has received Department of Homeland Security SAFETY ACT designation and has performed without failure since 2002.  The multi-point to multi-point duostech systems includes distributive alarm management features.  These systems are based on a unified open architecture platform and provide automated, real-time detection and reporting of incidents.   

Duos Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.  In addition to its core video analytics solutions, the company offers seamless integration of unlimited mechanical, electrical and logic control systems using the duostech product brand name.  Duostech products and solutions are typically deployed in complex, high security risk, sites including railroads, ports, critical infrastructure and industrial facility projects.