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Pelco releases firmware update for its Sarix with SureVision cameras

DALLAS – August 8, 2012 – Schneider Electric today announced the release of 1.8.2 firmware for Pelco by Schneider Electric Sarix with SureVision fixed IP cameras, which provides users with enhanced features and capabilities to better secure their facilities, while improving ease of use. With the new firmware, the widely used, popular technology continues to provide users all of the benefits of combined wide dynamic range, low light and anti-bloom capabilities while adding new capabilities such as adaptive motion analytics on all non-extended platform cameras, an exposure compensation slider specifically for night mode, and incorporates industry-standard Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) 1.02 to allow for interconnectivity between edge devices and video management systems from different manufacturers. The new firmware is also for Spectra HD and Spectra IV IP PTZ™ Cameras and Sarix TI Thermal Cameras.

New features in the Sarix with SureVision 1.8.2 firmware update include:

• Adaptive motion analytics: Added to non-extended platform Sarix cameras, this enables users to track objects in or around their facility and triggers an alarm if an object, such as a person, crosses into a pre-defined zone.

• Default restore and backup settings: This new feature allows users to easily deploy and configure new cameras to match the settings of existing video security devices. It also allows security managers to reapply the preferred default settings to all cameras in case of unintentional changes.

• Snapshot viewer: Users can now view images stored on an SD card in the Sarix with SureVision web-based graphical user interface (GUI). The snapshot viewer also provides the ability to export images to a hard drive or other location.

• Exposure compensation slider for night mode: The 1.8.2 model update provides an added slider specifically for night mode to give users more control over images by having separated day and night sliders.

• Addition of ONVIF 1.02: This industry standard allows basic interconnectivity between edge devices and video management systems of different manufacturers. Pelco Sarix, Sarix TI, Spectra IV IP, Spectra HD and Net54xx encoders also support the ONVIF standard.

“SureVison technology is truly the cutting edge of image technology. With the latest release of SureVision we’ve included powerful analytics for situational awareness, helpful settings for easier system administration, and ONVIF 1.02 compatibility for expanded interoperability,” said Scott Paul, senior product marketing manager, Schneider Electric. “With this firmware update, Sarix with SureVision continues to provide users with the sharp, clear image quality they’ve come to expect in any lighting environment, while incorporating new features to better meet their organization’s security needs.”

The firmware update will be automatically incorporated into all new Sarix with SureVision products. For users that already have SureVision technology, the 1.8.2 firmware is available for download at

Sarix with SureVision technology handles light nearly as well as the human eye – automatically adjusting to deliver exceptional detail and the best image possible in even the most challenging lighting conditions. Available with select Sarix cameras, SureVision can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor commercial applications such as retail stores, hospitals, schools, banks and casinos. It also can be used with Pelco Sarix cameras that monitor highways, toll booths, city centers, government buildings and airports.

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