OnSSI features third-party technologies at ASIS 2012

Suppliers share exhibit booth to highlight technologies complementary to Ocularis

Philadelphia, PA (September 10, 2012) – At ASIS 2012 OnSSI is sharing space with several third-party suppliers displaying solutions to enrich and expand the integration choices for Ocularis customers. OnSSI often collaborates with third-party technology providers to complement the functionality of the Ocularis open-architecture, intelligent IP video platform with additional integration options and capabilities.

New third-party offerings being featured at ASIS include high-performance storage, longer video retention times, and wireless systems providing superior image quality. Other systems enable video interface with IP devices such as point-of-sale (POS) systems and with biometrics systems. A compact edge-based device being shown is suitable for small to mid-sized systems or as an add-on to existing enterprise systems, and a 3D visualization platform provides operators immersive navigation through three-dimensional environments, including multifocal camera stitching.

“Open architecture and collaboration with third-party vendors expand the benefits of Ocularis to end users,” said Gadi Piran, President and CTO, OnSSI. “Integration of Ocularis with third-party vendors enhances the resulting system to provide additional cutting-edge technologies, including several being unveiled at ASIS.”

• ConvergenceTP, which unifies video surveillance with a variety of IP appliances including point-of-sale (POS) cash registers and automated teller machines (ATMs). Real-time text integration and hypermedia search tools seamlessly integrate time-synchronized IP text streams to associated video of the text events.

• Coherent Synchro, which specializes in high-3D security technology, augmented reality and multifocal camera stitching, including the Coherent Synchro 3D Visualization Platform, a new 3D interface for Ocularis, enabling operators to use one monitor for immersive navigation through real-virtual 3D environments.

• Crossroads Systems, provider of data storage and protection solutions, including the Crossroads StrongBox LTFS (linear tape file system) network-attached storage (NAS) archive appliance delivering cost-effective, scalable storage with seamless file accessibility for long-term video surveillance storage.

• Spectra Logic, provider of innovative data protection using digital data tape backup and recovery storage, enabling retention of larger amounts of high-resolution video surveillance footage for longer periods at less cost. Together, Spectra Logic's tape library archive solution and the Crossroads StrongBox combine fast file storage and retrieval with cost-effective, reliable long-term storage.

• IdentyTech Solutions, provider of intuitive identity management products and solutions, including the IDT line that includes precision fingerprint, facial, iris and palm vein-sensing technology. The company will display its IDentyManage Multi Biometric management solution integrated with OnSSI as its core camera management and supplemental alert and investigation platform.

• NetApp's E-Series high performance video storage system allows video surveillance architectures to support larger-scale applications, higher camera resolutions and longer retention times. Together, OnSSI and NetApp provide video storage solutions that support customers’ large scale and high camera resolution environments and enable them to manage, store, and retain their data for longer periods of time.

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