OnSSI features third-party technologies at ASIS 2012

Suppliers share exhibit booth to highlight technologies complementary to Ocularis

• RADWIN, provider of Point-to-Point, Point-to-MultiPoint and Mobile wireless broadband solutions. RADWIN’s high-performance, carrier grade solutions serve telecom carriers and service providers, government and public safety agencies, cities, utilities and transportation organizations. These solutions incorporate industry-leading technologies and interference-mitigation mechanisms to deliver high capacity and optimal coverage.

• Razberi Technologies, supplier of the razberi ServerSwitch appliance that combines the functions of a network video recorder, high-powered Ethernet switch and OnSSI Ocularis video management software into a single compact device. The razberi ServerSwitch can serve as an edge-recording device in an Ocularis system or can be a self-contained, stand-alone recorder for a small to mid-sized system.

Ocularis solutions by OnSSI include video management software and physical security information management (VMS/PSIM) systems for server-based and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that increase security and lower operational costs. The new Ocularis Version 3.5 includes multiple features designed in response to industry changes and market demands, including automated, immediate camera installation or replacement and online camera licensing, with a new 30-day grace period. Ocularis 3.5 also offers more detailed management of camera features, controls and client permissions, and privacy masking can be used with any device or camera view at the system level. Also new at ASIS 2012 is Ocularis-X server software, which delivers up to 16 simultaneous megapixel (HD) video streams to web and mobile devices running a standard web browser, even on a low-speed connection.

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