Schlage wireless locks integrate with Sielox Pinnacle server

CARMEL, IN, Sept. 6, 2012 – Ingersoll Rand today announced that Sielox Pinnacle server customers can now seamlessly integrate Schlage wireless AD-Series electronic locks to create a cost-effective, scalable access control solution that meets today’s needs as well as provides an easy pathway to future upgrades. Pinnacle is a feature-rich access control and event management system that provides greater control over a company’s security, from a small office environment to world-wide corporations with multiple buildings and unique access requirements. Being modular, Schlage AD-Series locks can be upgraded in the future to meet changing security and technology requirements.

“By integrating the AD-Series, Pinnacle users eliminate the need to run wires to each access point,” explains Dave Sullivan, vice president of sales at Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. “This reduces installation time and labor costs, and enables installation of access control on more doors in a facility. Pinnacle customers can now simply and efficiently extend their present card systems to wireless portable readers, elevators and parking gates.”

“Schlage AD-Series locks combine the components typically found around the door, such as the door position switch and request to exit switch, into one unit which simplifies installation and saves money,” adds Karen Evans, Sielox president and CEO. “Pinnacle users can customize door openings with options such as credential reader type, finish and levers to create a perfect fit. Yet, as their business needs change, so can their access control solution to new credential technologies, a variety of network protocols, increased security levels and system expansions. Upgrades can be as simple as interchanging a module.”

AD-Series wireless locks provide many of the key benefits of a hardwired system including real-time monitoring, audit trails, centralized lockdown and instant access control management. The locks provide multiple, interchangeable credential reader modules as well as interchangeable offline, wired and wireless networking modules so that access control can now be installed at doors where it had been previously unfeasible. The Schlage AD-Series electronic locks are compatible with all popular exit devices, provide a host of power and cylinder options, offer field configurable settings and include a wide variety of finishes and levers.