Ingersoll Rand to provide look into NFC future

Villanova University and University of San Francisco discuss using smart phones as a credential

“Villanova University and the University of San Francisco are forward-thinking institutions that continue to push the envelope in terms of the one-card services they offer their campus communities,” says Max Steinhardt, president, The CBORD Group, Inc. “This panel discussion at ASIS promises to be educational and enlightening, giving two real-world successful case studies of NFC on college campuses. We thank Kathy and Jason for sharing their stories and we look forward to continuing our work with them on these and other exciting projects.”

In the United States, more than 40 million phones are expected to be NFC-enabled by the end of 2012 and according to a report by Market Research, nearly half of all mobile phones will be NFC enabled by 2016.

To attend the panel discussion, those ASIS attendees interested in how NFC can impact their organizations should simply get to Room PCC 103-B by 11:00am Tuesday, September 11.