Vigitron Inc,

Vigitron introduces IP Design Center

SAN DIEGO (September 2012 ) – Vigitron, a leading global manufacturer of analog and IP  transmission solutions, is pleased to announce the opening of its IP Design  Center. The center will provide users with a complete bill of materials design to meet their specific extended distance IP video and PoE applications.

“We realize the design of extended distance solutions can be a complex process”, stated Neil Heller, Vigitron’s Vice President of Business Development. “As Vigitron performs the extensive network, environmental and individual camera certification testing we thought it would be good to use our extensive database with end dealers and users in the design of their systems. By entering the most basic information our technical staff will design a system to meet your specific application. If some key information is not available, our staff will do the research. The comprehensive form provides for grouping of cameras, comments and the ability to attach drawings and other helpful information. The service has been in operation for several months and has proven helpful to a large user base.”

Vigitron’s Design Center can be accessed via their website at Click the Technical Center tab and the Design Assistance. No log in is required and once completed only  Vigitron personnel can access the entry.