"See the Possibilities" the Theme of 3xLogic's ASIS Video Pavilion

Denver, CO – (September 7, 2012) – Imagine being able to:

  • Stream 20 megapixel video to your tablet or smart phone.  (See: AZTECH Compression Codec, RapidStream Technology)
  • Access one to a thousand cameras from any network device (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, regardless), anywhere, anytime.  (See: 3xCLOUD)
  • Automatically receive analytic data and graphical trend reports via email, or access via any web browser.  (See: VIGIL TRENDS)
  • Monitor thousands of high-definition megapixel video feeds from a central station.  (See: AZTECH Compression Codec, RapidStream Technology)
  • Instantly know the status of all your video assets (HDDs, cameras, network, etc.). (See: VIGIL Central Management)
  • Remotely manage alerts from your Access Control, POS, or ATM from a single interface, regardless of where you are. (See: VIGIL System 7)

This is not a wish list. This is the reality of 3xLOGIC. Showcasing how intelligent video applications can expand the role of video surveillance beyond the traditional confines of image capture, 3xLOGIC, Inc. will be demonstrating the extensive capabilities of the Company’s VIGIL System 7 Video Management System in Booth 2950 at this year’s ASIS International held in Philadelphia, PA (September 10-13, 2012).


VIGIL VMS’s open architecture and ability to integrate, capture and disseminate data from diverse systems including Access Control, ATM and POS Systems, Central Monitoring Stations, and leading camera manufacturers forming an information infrastructure delivering the data necessary for users to make smart, effective and timely decisions about their business, their assets and their employees.


Are you starting to see the possibilities?

Exclusive 3xLOGIC Technology to be Unveiled/Demonstrated at ASIS International

3xCLOUD – The Company’s commitment to optimizing data capture, retrieval and transmission is found in 3xCLOUD, a free service offered to all VIGIL users. 3xCLOUD provides secure web-based access (live or playback) anywhere from one to thousands of sites, on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, PC or Mac), without any software to install and no cost to use. 

AZTECH Compression Codec – A special video codec developed by 3xLOGIC to specifically address the challenges of digital surveillance video. It excels in conserving storage space and image quality of native JPEG video files and http streams. The AZTECH Codec is engineered to recompress storage-intense megapixel IP video files down to the size of standard security video and yet maintain the detail, resolution and quality of the megapixel image.

RapidStream Technology – Leveraging the Company’s exclusive AZTECH Compression Codec, RapidStream Technology enables users to toggle between bandwidth-conserving compressed video and the native high resolution video with just the click of their mouse. While users of mobile devices benefit from the bandwidth conserving capabilities found in RapidStream Technology, it is central monitoring stations that see the greatest impact due to the way RapidStream conserves precious network resources.

VIGIL Central Management (VCM) – Automatically monitors the health of all of your 3xLOGIC networked video recorders including drive temperature, disk failure, and video loss to ensure unrivalled availability, performance and integrity. VCM provides IT professionals with the enterprise-class tools necessary to centrally manage user access rights, configuration parameters and software updates from a single location.

VIGIL System 7 – The latest iteration of 3xLOGIC’s renowned Video Management System software. VIGIL System 7 is a unified solution that uses our VIGIL platform of Hybrid and IP digital video recorders (DVR’s) to deliver our feature-rich VIGIL software, recognized for its unrivaled ease of use and functionality. With VIGIL System 7, we were able to make megapixel technology useable and real. We tore down all the barriers that were there before, giving users true remote access to their high-resolution, storage-intense files without having to worry about low bandwidth issues.

VIGIL TRENDS – Using the analytic data gathered with VIGIL Server, VIGIL TRENDS is a web-based application that compiles data and generates graphical reports customizable for a variety of analytical applications including people counting, wait times, queue monitoring, etc.

About 3xLOGIC, Inc. (Booth 2950)

3xLOGIC is a leading provider of intelligent video surveillance software and hardware that seamlessly integrates audio data, video data and active transactional data. This logical union is known as the VIGIL™ platform of video surveillance solutions. VIGIL employs the latest advances in video surveillance hardware powered by 3xLOGIC’s full-featured suite of VIGIL Video Management System (VMS) software. For more information about 3xLOGIC’s intelligent video surveillance solutions, or to learn more about becoming a 3xLOGIC Authorized Partner, visit www.3xlogic.com or call (877) 3XLOGIC or (877) 395-6442.