Salto to unveil products and case study at ASIS Booth 2425


SALTO Systems at ASIS Booth 2425 will feature its products including the IP66-rated SALTOGEO, a RFID electronic cylinder.  “Our cylinder can go into a standard lock or RIM-operated device,” SALTO Systems Senior Vice President Michael Mahon said.  “It will provide users with everything – an audit trail, time zones, restrictions and more. It works just like an online access control system, but it’s offline in an electronic cylinder. And it installs within 15 minutes.”


The company’s dual validation product, the XS4 electronic lock with keypad allows users to employ a credential plus a PIN code, the keypad code or the credential only. With the new Sallis 125kHz HID Prox lock, end users will see a reduction in costs,Mahonsaid.


The 125kHz HID will enhance online access control systems because integrators can install it without having to run any wires. The benefit for the end user is that they can now secure more doors.


All newly released SALTO locks come equipped with BioCote, an antimicrobial silver ion technology that helps eliminate microbes on product surfaces. It’s important to note that BioCote does not eliminate bacteria on human hands; however, the technology does stop bacteria from spreading. As a result, BioCote is beneficial in the hospitality, leisure, food, catering, laboratory and healthcare sectors.


When tested, BioCote was 99.9% effective.


To highlight the effectiveness of SALTO locks,PrincetonUniversity’s Department of Life Safety and Security Systems installed the SALTO SX4 electronic lock with keypad in residence halls and 3,200 dorm rooms on the open campus. A lost master key that has access to all the rooms is a big risk, and it’s a big expense to go around and re-key all those rooms. During the evaluation process, one of the requirements from the housing department was a dual validation lock, featuring a smart card and a keypad.



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