Quantum Secure showcases enhanced capabilities for its SAFE identity and access management suite

Philadelphia, PA (September 10, 2012) – Quantum Secure's SAFE software suite manages identities and physical access enterprise-wide across multiple security systems to enable greater compliance, lower operational costs, and streamline and optimize business processes. Further enhancing the intuitive functionality of SAFE, Quantum Secure is demonstrating two new modules at ASIS 2012 designed to automatically match identity and manage duplicate records from multiple databases from multiple access control systems, and provide key metrics of physical security operations with the ability to analyze data using an executive-level, graphical dashboard.

The SAFE enterprise software suite includes a range of applications to automate management of identity-related processes such as on/off boarding of employees and contractors, assigning policy-based physical access rights, issuing ID badges, and managing audit and compliance processes across multiple geographies and locations. SAFE suite applications encompass four main areas: physical identity management, compliance and risk management, security intelligence tools, and identity and event correlation.

“By linking physical security operations to a company's IT infrastructure using centralized management of identities, SAFE software lowers costs and yields an abundance of operational benefits,” said Ajay Jain, President and CEO, Quantum Secure. “We will continue to expand the scope and functionality of our SAFE software suite in response to customers' evolving needs to manage identities and access at the enterprise level.”

New SAFE software modules being introduced at ASIS 2012 include:

SAFE ID Data Match and Reconciliation provides the ability to match identity records from multiple databases and identify duplicates across or within multiple access control systems. This module provides an intuitive interface to access complex and fuzzy data matching techniques to identify duplicate records, inconsistent formats and other data problems. This ensures identity data integrity across many systems and helps foster a notion of “single” identity in an enterprise.

SAFE Security Intelligence defines key metrics of physical security operations and delivers the ability to analyze security events, alarms, space utilization and trends using an executive-level, graphical dashboard view. This module helps gain insight into physical security data based on key metrics of operations. Metrics include alarms by site, badge allocation by type, and sites and devices that generate the most alarms, etc.

Other SAFE capabilities include the SAFE Analytics suite, enabling end-users to prepare for risks and help prevent risk-based events before they occur. SAFE modules also address compliance for regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, TSA, NERC, HSPD-12 / ICAM and hosts of other regulatory policy requirements and provide web-ready reports for easy analysis.