Optex Inc. Security Products

Optex announces technology integration with Sloan Security Technologies

Chino, CA, September 6, 2012—Sloan Security Technologies, Inc. has integrated Optex sensor/detector products into the GenLux line of security poles. The innovative platform uses a wrap-around solar laminate to provide reliable off-grid power to sensors and surveillance devices.

Sloan and Optex have worked together to integrate Optex sensors/detectors into the Genlux system. The sensors/detectors increase the efficiency of the poles by triggering cameras based on detector activity.

“By partnering with industry leaders like Optex, we are able to provide an innovative, highly reliable security solution that combines sustainable technology with best-of-breed security,” says Brice Sloan, President of Sloan Security Technologies, Inc.

The GenLux security platform uses a hybrid solar platform of flexible thin-film and traditional solar panels, combined with storage batteries and smart controllers to provide 24/7 power to security and communication devices with up to 40w of continuous power. By eliminating the costs of trenching, conduit, and cabling, GenLux systems both speed and simplify deployment of a turnkey, integrated security solution.

Since the security poles are built to mount sensor devices, Optex Redwall laser scanners and passive infrared sensors/detectors provide reliable detection with minimal false alarms. The Redscan IP laser scanner can detect a moving object's size, speed, and distance from the detector and process that information with a unique algorithm, which results in high-reliability detection of people with minimal false alarms. Optex’s SIP (Synthesized Intelligent Passive Infrared) detectors have an intelligent detection system that uses data on the ambient environment, such as temperature and illuminance conditions, to automatically adjust the sensitivity.

“With Genlux, Sloan is demonstrating the future of sustainable security platforms using green, renewable energy,” says Mac Kokobo, president of Optex America. “And our sensors/detectors not only increase reliability but make the platform more energy efficient through event-driven camera activation.”

To learn more about the Sloan Security Technologies GenLux security platform, visit Optex in booth #2617 at ASIS 2012 in Philadelphia, September 10 to 13.