AFI introduces new IP and fiber transmission hardware

Philadelphia, PA (September 10, 2012) – Building on their reputation as the premier manufacturer of IP video and fiber optic communication and control solutions, American Fibertek Inc. (AFI) has introduced a host of new IP and fiber transmission solutions in time for ASIS 2012. The new hardware includes additions to the AFI line of Ethernet switches, transceivers, multiplexers and other network communications devices.

“Expanding our lineup of IP and fiber transmission solutions enables us to reach out to a wider market with cost effective, innovative products,” said Jack Fernandes, President and CEO of AFI. “With purpose-built design and functionality, the new hardware offers smart solutions for today’s sophisticated video and audio surveillance and security systems.”

Ethernet Switches

MX6p / MX6p-POE Series / MXB-6p-PoE – Six port Ethernet switches with four copper triple (10/100/1000) speed ports and two SFP gig ports. Available in module or rack format, the switches will also support PoE on the copper ports.

CX-6p-PoE – Six port Ethernet switch with four copper (10/100) speed ports and two SFP gig ports. Available in module/ rack format, the CX-6p-PoE has alarm and auxiliary i/os, supports afi environmental and power monitoring probes and can communicate via TCP/IP and e-mail/SMS messaging. The CX-6p-PoE will also support PoE af or at on the copper ports.

9/10/24 Port SM Series – An expanded series of low cost Ethernet switches for managed and un-managed applications that can be PoE and non-PoE, with pluggable uplink ports for total network connectivity. Full network connectivity with the availability of PoE, SFP and all gigabit ports for all switch applications.

Ethernet Network Communication

Net I/O N-TAH – A cost effective environmental monitoring device, the N-TAH communicates with AFI Pilot and other Video Management Solutions to monitor the temperature, humidity and airflow of network installations and other critical processes such as food and drug storage facilities. The N-TAH can also e-mail responsible individuals and communicate to other AFI hardware devices.

Fiber Optic USB & Intercom Transceivers

AFI Series USB 2.0 – Allows any USB 2.0 device to be transmitted through a fiber cable network. The system is available in module format for field use or rack card for control rooms and is compatible with multimode or single mode optics.

AFI Series 89C-GE – Provides a completely transparent interface to allow Commend GE Series Intercom hardware to be fully integrated to a multimode or single mode cable infrastructure. Available as either a module or rack card, the system will seamlessly provide all the functions of the GE Series Intercoms on a single or dual optical fiber.

AFI Series 89A-IS – This completely new transceiver enables seamless transparent interface between the Aiphone IP intercom and a multimode or single mode fiber optic network.

Fiber Optic Video Multiplexers

91600-UTP / 91685-UTP Series – Sixteen channel video multiplexer with active UTP RJ45 I/O rather than conventional BNC connections. The system is designed to reduce the interconnections required when integrating UTP active baluns with a fiber optic cable system. Available as either multimode or single mode products, the series is an expansion of the popular AFI 908-UTP concept.

Fiber Optic Audio Multiplexers

9088 / 9088SL Series – An eight channel audio multiplexer providing CD-quality 24-bit audio on a single optical fiber. Offering complete transparency, the systems can be integrated with the proven AFI multi-channel (16-56) video systems or used standalone when audio only is required. Available in multimode or single mode configuration.

Fiber Optic Video/Audio Multiplexers

988 / 988SL Series – Provides eight channel video/audio on a single multimode or single mode fiber. Delivers broadcast quality video and high quality 24-bit audio with capability for transparent, seamless integration into any system architecture.

For more information and free software demonstration downloads, visit AFI’s website at, call 877-234-7200 or e-mail