Avigilon Inc.

Slovenian kayaking and canoeing facility deploys HD surveillance system

VANCOUVER, CANADA – October 2, 2012 – Avigilon, a leader in high-definition (HD) and megapixel video surveillance solutions, today announced that the Canoe Center in Solkan, Slovenia, one of two national centers for wild water kayaking and canoeing that attracts 30,000 visitors each year, has deployed the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system as a video analysis tool for coaches and judges to assist in training, resolve potential disputes, and ensure fair judging at all events. The Avigilon high-definition video surveillance system was selected for its superior image quality, user-friendly interface, ease-of-integration, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

“Image quality was the crucial factor in our decision to go with the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system, which has been very well received by our judges who now have an effective tool to review questionable trajectories and resolve disputes for 100 percent fair judging,” claimed Branko Brezigar, sports center manager at the Canoe Center. “As the only training facility to ensure 100 percent fair judging, we have a strong competitive advantage when applying to host major International Canoe Federation (ICF) events.”

On the recommendation of AGM, a local provider of surveillance system design, installation, and support, the Canoe Center installed Avigilon HD 2 MP H.264 cameras to cover the 400 meter-long course, enabling judges to clearly identify activity at all gates from any point of view. Coaches and judges monitor the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system using the Avigilon Control Center network video management software (NVMS) with High-Definition Stream Management™ (HDSM) technology from two official monitoring stations. The Canoe Center will offer competing teams temporary access to live video and recorded events and will install a dedicated server to archive footage from all major events for historical review. The Canoe Center also plans to deploy the Avigilon Control Center Mobile application on iPad devices to equip judges with a tool for instant review of incidents and for coaches to provide immediate feedback to athletes.

By deploying the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system, the Canoe Center gets superior image quality from high above the course to view the smallest detail. With access to indisputable evidence, competition judges can make informed decisions and resolve disputes with 100 percent accuracy. The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system easily integrates with other event systems including Light as a Service, access control, and intruder prevention systems to provide a centralized solution that facilitates management and improves efficiencies. The Center has achieved significant cost savings due to the lower initial investment cost of the Avigilon system, reduced the need to hire additional gate judges, and will require less system maintenance. The Canoe Center has achieved a ROI because it can provide enhanced training opportunities, achieve conformance with ICF directives, and ensure higher safety standards to attract new visitors and host more international events.

“In the sport of wild water canoeing, competitors are penalized in time for touching or missing gates on the course, which can dramatically impact their results,” said Keith Marett, vice president of marketing and communications at Avigilon. “The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system delivers the image quality, reliability, and scalability needed to withstand the challenging outdoor environment and deliver indisputable evidence to ensure fair judging, making the Canoe Center the course of choice for ICF events.”