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HID Global completes deployments at Anhui Wantong Expressway Building in China

IRVINE, Calif., October 23, 2012 – HID Global, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, today announced that its networked access controllers, contactless smart cards and readers have been deployed at the Anhui Wantong Expressway Building to provide multi-layered security with advanced access control level settings and centralized, real-time monitoring for every access point. The new access control system also enables area control and safety management for emergency evacuations.

Featuring complex access rules, the Anhui Wantong Expressway Building deployed HID Global’s networked access control solutions, which consisted of VertX V1000 network controllers, VertX V100 door/reader interfaces and iCLASS R30 contactless smart card readers for facility access. With this new system, the central station administrator can now perform all execution commands, including tracking and changing of security levels and access rights, as well as data backup and report generation.

The system can also restrict access to office areas at specific times; for example, executive offices are accessible to all staff members during office hours, while authorized staff must present their access cards for identity verification and facility access at any other time.

“The new system has established different access control areas according to the floor plan for area control and safety management. In cases of emergency, the system can determine the incident type and location and unlock emergency doors for evacuation,” said Jia Yanfeng, project manager of the Anhui Wantong Expressway Building. “Additionally, the system is scalable to enable future system expansion, which addresses the growing demands of Anhui Wantong expressway and its subsidiaries, while also performing better cost control.”

“With ever-increasing security awareness, intelligent building projects in China have imposed stringent standards for security management. Brand equity, product technology, system interoperability and support services are major concerns,” said Eric Chiu, director of sales, Greater China with HID Global. “Our successful deployment at the Anhui Wantong Expressway Building has reinforced HID Global’s proven technology expertise and ongoing commitment to provide versatile access control solutions in support of the growing importance of smart cities in China.”