Silent Knight solutions protect SEPTA facility

Large maintenance facility sought expandable, non-proprietary fire alarm

“The Silent Knight platform allowed for an easy, straightforward installation of initiating and audio/visual device wiring within SEPTA’s maintenance facilities. This permitted the installing contractor to keep their interruption times within these facilities to a minimum,” reports Tangi.

The SEPTA maintenance facility cannot afford downtime. Immediate identification of any fire alarm issues and a quick response is critical to a facility responsible for maintaining the reliability and safety of public transportation vehicles used by more than 1 million patrons throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area daily.

“Everything reports back to one central panel which tells SEPTA exactly what point went off, informing staff exactly where to go,” explains Phillips.

As part of the same contract, Fidelity Alarm also installed another Silent Knight panel with 120 devices across the street at the train wash station, which can be easily networked with the SEPTA facility’s fire alarm in the future, if desired, for easier monitoring.

“The technology, along with the ease of programming the system, is ideal for keeping construction costs low while obtaining a reliable installation, which will perform as designed for many subsequent years,” adds Tangi.

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