Security Partners forms strategic alliance with managed access manufacturer


Fresh off the launch of their new Advanced Services Division (, Security Partners, based in Lancaster, Pa., announced the formation of an alliance with RBH Access Technologies, for the purpose of offering remotely-managed access services. 


Through Security Partners’ Managed Access Services, dealers are now able to offer their subscribers the latest access control technologies without the challenges, and upfront costs, associated with the on-site hosting and maintenance of an access card system. Remote managed access takes away the need for an on-site server, instead storing the user information in Security Partners’ secure data center. Available 24/7, Security Partners’ monitoring specialists provide constant supervision, site-management and control access points via the RBH Axiom V centrally-hosted access software, thus eliminating the time and expense often associated with the on-site management of an access control system.       


“The RBH Remote Management Platform is a perfect addition to our Advanced Services Division suite of offerings," said Security Partners President Michael Bodnar. “The proven reliability of RBH Access Control products, along with advanced management software has enabled our highly trained monitoring and technology specialists to fully manage all aspects of a company’s access system, from adding and removing users, to controlling entry/exit points, to the off-site storage of vital company information in our secure data vault.  RBH is vested in the research and development needed for the creation of top shelf products. This fact, along with their commitment to provide our dealers with the training and support needed to be successful in the access control arena, were essential elements in our decision to select RBH Access Technologies as a manufacturer partner.”


“When we heard about the opening of their new Advanced Services Division, we knew right away that they would be a good fit with RBH,” said Jim Tapp, regional sales manager for RBH USA. “We recognized, quickly, that the company had the vision, expertise and staffing required for properly executing and managing intelligent electronic services; which made them an obvious choice for a partnership with RBH Access Technologies.


Through this partnership, Security Partners' Advanced Services Division is helping its dealers achieve additional RMR streams through new managed access services, including off site data lock-down, remote access management, access alarm response supervision and digital doorman service, which includes the remote control of entry and exit doors by Security Partners’ personnel.