Mo. school district selects RedCloud for access control

Liberty Public School District deploys company's Enterprise network appliance to provide scalable, web-based access control across 22 buildings

STERLING, Va. – December 3, 2012 – RedCloud, the industry's fastest-growing provider of web-based, physical access control systems, today announced that the Liberty Public School District has deployed RedCloud Enterprise – a scalable, web-based access control network appliance that enables Liberty to manage security across 22 school facilities, in turn enhancing the safety and well being of thousands of students, faculty and staff.

Liberty Public School District serves the residents of approximately 85 square miles in Clay County. The school district, located just northeast of Kansas City, is responsible for more than 11,600 students in grades preschool to 12. In fall 2011, Liberty sought to transition from a costly, legacy access control system that lacked scalability to a web-based access control system that could remotely manage all facility access with integrated physical and logical security capabilities.

“It became evident that our previous access control system was not only falling short from a functionality and scalability standpoint, but also became increasingly difficult to justify due to onerous recurring costs,” said Curt Laven, Technology Specialist, Liberty Public School District. “RedCloud Enterprise provides Liberty with a single network appliance solution from which we can now easily manage security for 22 buildings through a web-based interface that provides administrators with real-time visibility into security activity at each building.”

To ensure a seamless migration that would not interrupt day-to-day security and operations, Liberty turned to American Digital Security (ADS), a leading security systems provider – and a RedCloud authorized system integrator – to recommend, design and install a secure, physical access control system that seamlessly integrated with video surveillance, visitor management and identity management systems.

RedCloud’s converged access control solution and ADS’ security systems integration expertise has delivered several key benefits to Liberty Public School District, including:

• Unparalleled scalability – Liberty now leverages RedCloud Enterprise to manage more than 150 doors and 2,000 users across 22 buildings, and RedCloud’s resilient, scalable software platform allows Liberty to easily add/remove users and doors as needs change.

• True convergence of physical and logical security – RedCloud integrates seamlessly with Active Directory to deliver directory-to-directory, identities (cardholders) and polices synchronization between physical and logical access control. Liberty can provision changes to a user’s IT and building access permissions in real-time. In one Liberty school alone, this integration, which prevented out-of-date user information from being imported from the legacy system to RedCloud, significantly improved security and confined access grants to only the current list of people that were supposed to be allowed in the school.

• Role-based access control (RBAC) – RedCloud enables unified management of access privileges to IT systems and building doors based on assigned user roles. This RBAC capability enables Liberty to ensure that if a faculty member or staffer switches schools or roles, access to IT systems and doors automatically adjusts in real-time.

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