Electric Guard Dog systems withstand Superstorm Sandy

COLUMBIA, SC - November 20, 2012 - Despite the fact a full accounting of customer damage had yet to take place, Electric Guard Dog CEO Jack DeMao returned to work the day after Hurricane Sandy and made a categorical statement to staff: Electric Guard Dog would work relentlessly to repair and restore security to affected customers as quickly as possible, and at no charge to customers.

Multiple EGD technicians across the U.S. were notified they might be deployed to the Northeast to assist. Electric Guard Dog also made a prompt donation to the American Red Cross.

DeMao commented, "Our hearts go out to our customers affected by Sandy, and we continue to pray for the safety of their homes and families in this crisis.

We wanted them to know immediately that we were in this with them, all the way. We made a donation to the Red Cross to support relief efforts, absorbed the cost of rebuilding our security systems and we planned to pull overtime until all systems were up and operational again. It was the right thing to do."

After anticipating the worst in the vast devastation of Hurricane Sandy, customer service at Electric Guard Dog had good news to share: their two largest customers in the Northeast, who have a combined 15 sitesĀ in the affected areas, stated unequivocally that their EGD perimeter systems "worked without issue" at all sites.Though the power was still out throughout the region, their solar-powered Electric Guard Dog systems had weathered the storm.

Another customer who'd experienced heavy flooding in Virginia almost seemed surprised by Electric Guard Dog's call as he responded, "It came through fine, thanks".

Electric Guard Dog is a Security Partner for 3,000+ commercial and industrial locations across the nation, protecting businesses, providing a safer work environment for employees and reducing total security costs.

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