Smart home security system helps homeowners protect pets

Moon Security customer uses SECURE+ advanced features to keep tabs on 'Kanine kids'

Vinson set up an alert to notify her when Dukie moved so she would know when to check the camera.

While some of the pets Vinson has adopted are stray or abandoned dogs who need a good home, she also provides a home for pedigree, show, and therapy dogs, such as her dog, Bogey, who is a certified therapy dog. These dogs can be targets of theft. To keep them safe and sound, Vinson relies on her security system and cameras to monitor the exterior of her home to help protect the animals from being harmed or stolen.

“Thankfully we live in a safe neighborhood, but part of the responsibility in caring for a pet is to make sure they are safe at all times, even if you can’t be there to watch them 24/7,” said Vinson. “There are people who target certain breeds of dogs for dog fighting purposes or to be re-sold. So, we rely on the security system to help protect both the inside and outside of the house.”

Across the nation, scores of homeowners such as Vinson are turning to their electronic security providers and local SECURE+ integrators for the installation, monitoring, service and maintenance of sophisticated systems at the heart of the connected home. SECURE+ integrators have the proven expertise to design and install enhanced home control systems that work for any lifestyle.