Aronson Security Group releases Performance Management for Access Control

Seattle, WA, January 28, 2013 - Aronson Security Group (ASG), the premier independent integrator of risk, resilience and security solutions announced today the launch of their first managed service in their evolving Optimum Suite .

"In their implementation and management of physical access control systems (PACS), security operations
management sometimes feel like the system is managing them," said William Plante, Director of ASG's
Professional Services Group. "PACS can create persistent false alarms that create disturbing
management problems. Not only does it take time to respond and report these alarms, but the false alarms become the new norm, creating a possible security risk when a real incident occurs."

Optimum Access, the managed service for PACS systems includes: a baseline network and organization assessment to understand what alarms are being triggered and why; a gap analysis and roadmap for mitigating or resolving the alarms; the creation of a custom executive report that measures the PACS performance for Security Operations and the integration of technical service support and data analysis with the client's current operational plan and budget.

"Plante confirmed ASG's findings: "Based on our trials and discussions with our client base, we believe the value basis of the Optimum Access service includes: compliance with internal and external standards (reducing if not eliminating persistent false alarms), reduced management attention and cost to resolve false conditions, proactive notice of impending failure of security access points, and a disciplined and targeted response to known problems by internal and external service providers."

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