SISCO's A-PASS 6 Wireless Mobile Access Control System Installed On The Royal Princess

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SISCO's A-PASS 6 Wireless Mobile Life Safety & Security Access Control System has been chosen to be installed on the new Royal Princess.

The Royal Princess is the first of two 1082 ft, 141,000-ton prototypes joining the next generation of the Princess fleet in June 2013. The all new, re-designed vessel is outfitted with the latest IP technology and a host of exciting new innovations and signature features.

Princess Cruise Lines has selected SISCO's World Class Best in Breed A-PASS® 6 Life Safety and Security System. The A-PASS® 6 system is comprised of multiple software modules and mobile wireless hand held readers that handle critical tasks relating to passenger and crew safety, security and accountability. Passenger boarding and de-boarding is fast, accurate and secure with the A-PASS® 6 Mobile Guard Station module. Life Boat Tendering, Passenger Mustering, Immigration Clearance and others modules make up a total solution that is seamlessly integrated into the ship's operations. The system allows shipboard management to account for everyone on board at any time with photo verification of the individual. This process is crucial for identifying people and knowing who is on or off ship as well as accounting for them during drills, tendering and shore side operations in the event of a real emergency. The system is fully compliant with Coast Guard, IMO and SOLAS regulations and allows for expansion to meet future requirements and government regulations.