Museum of Funeral History Protects the Priceless with Acuity-vct and IQinVision

One-of-a-kind 30,500 sq. ft. facility uses advanced video analytics and megapixel technology

 He continued, “We do get alarms, mostly by the Popemobile, people will lean way over the railing to touch the vehicle. If you set off an alarm, it’s not by accident the way we have the system designed. So, we take those alarms very seriously. Sometimes a shadow can set off an alarm, but we can easily adjust the software to prevent such false alarms.”

 Boetticher doesn’t just use his Acuity-vct system and his IQinVision cameras to protect the Popemobile. His main office is actually 30 miles away from the museum in downtown Houston, and he can access all the crystal-clear camera views when he wants to catch up with activity at the museum.  


 The museum’s parking lot surveillance has proved important in thwarting air conditioner copper theft and helping the police investigate car break-ins that might occur. The museum is co-located with the Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Services so there is a large amount of vehicular traffic. For this reason, the museum recently invested in IQinVision 5 MP Sentinel cameras to provide very high resolution images for an Acuity-vct license plate recognition software system.


 “Acuity-vct is a first class company, if we ever have an issue, they’re immediately on it. They can tap into the system remotely and makes adjustments and repairs,” assessed Boetticher. “The quality of the equipment we bought and the service we receive, I am very satisfied. We spend a good bit of money, and it’s all worth it. The IQeye cameras are clear as a bell and the difference is like night and day from the legacy cameras we had been using.  I don’t think of this as spending money, it’s an investment. The investment we made is well worth it because we are buying peace of mind. So many of the items on display, especially within the Papal exhibit, simply cannot be replaced.”