Silent Knight Systems Provide Alfred University Long-Term Fire Protection

School campus attains maintenance and cost efficiencies as upgrades to advanced Farenhyt technology continue

To control the flow of smoke from a fire, the new fire alarms in several campus buildings were interfaced with the energy management systems to force fans to shut down and control other mechanical systems to respond as necessary.

As the university's needs adapt, officials may look at other technologies that integrate with the Farenhyt systems, such as mass notification capabilities.

“The system is flexible that way – we're able to adapt,” suggests Neiderbach.

FSC is now working on a large Farenhyt system in Alfred's health and wellness center, which is currently under construction, according to Shawn M. Gorgan, vice president of service operations at FSC Systems. It will include a Fire Alarm Aspirating Smoke Technology (FAAST) system to provide Very Early Warning Fire Detection in the new gymnasium and track area. A highly-sensitive detection system, FAAST draws continuous air samples through a network of pipes to immediately detect the slightest trace of smoke, even in the most highly challenging environments.

Customers appreciate the advanced technologies and capabilities, says Gorgan. But the true value to them boils down to some basics, he adds.

“They don't get calls, it works and it's easy to use – that's what they want,” he says.

“We're very big on safety here. If I send my kids to a college, I expect the first and foremost thing is to keep them safe,” says Dodge. “That's one of our big reasons for upgrades – more coverage, more safety, a better system.”

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