CA Technologies Streamlines Identity and Access Management for the Hybrid Enterprise with Latest Rollout of CA CloudMinder

CA IAM-as-a-Service Extends On Premise and Cloud Applications Support, and Helps Organizations Strengthen Customer Relationships

 Support for Social Identities: With support for OpenID, OAuth, WS-Fed and SAML, CA CloudMinder provides SSO and self-registration to vendor sites using Facebook and Google identities, helping to drive social media marketing campaigns. CA CloudMinder Advanced Authentication also adds step-up security to the typical user name and password login. Extending the support of CA CloudMinder to help drive customer engagement, satisfaction and retention increases the value of IAM to an organization beyond the traditional demands of security, compliance and operational efficiencies. 

 Extended Support for On Premise and Cloud Applications: CA CloudMinder helps organizations save money by reducing the time it takes to deploy identity management capabilities. By adding more than 30 connectors for provisioning, including support for Office 365, mainframes and other popular enterprise applications, CA CloudMinder has increased its number of out-of-the-box configurations for improved deployment time.  

 Support for IAM Choice: CA CloudMinder gives customers a choice in how they support their IAM needs on the operational back end, while streamlining management and administration on the front end. By connecting to the CA Technologies provisioning, federation and advanced authentication solutions already in place on-premise, CA CloudMinder preserves the investment in configuring those solutions as it unifies IAM administration into the CA CloudMinder interface. This gives customers a choice: they can use CA CloudMinder IAM as-a-service alone to manage all on-premise or cloud applications, or they can use a mix of CA CloudMinder with CA Technologies on-premise IAM solutions – all managed from a single user interface.

 Partner Ecosystem

 CA CloudMinder also presents a variety of opportunities for partners, including hosting the CA CloudMinder service operations in their own data center and / or managing the IAM administration on behalf of the customer in its tenant environment. These options enable partners to focus on their strengths, while leveraging CA Technologies IAM knowledge and experience.


“Efficiently managing identities and their access across the hybrid enterprise with an eye toward the future is a complex and resource-intensive challenge for many of the organizations we work with today,” said Jeremy Britton, a director in Deloitte & Touche LLP’s security & privacy practice and its CA alliance leader.  “This is especially true with the large number of external users that businesses are now bringing into their applications. By combining an IAM service that can remove the hardware and operational burden with Deloitte’s application management offering, which provides the staff and knowledge to manage IAM administration, organizations can outsource their IAM function and apply resources to other areas to drive business growth.”

 The latest release of CA CloudMinder is available today. Pricing starts with a base tenant set-up fee of $10,000 plus $5,000 per service. Monthly fees are based on the number and types of users (internal business users or external consumer users).

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