Jackson, Miss. police department uses LPR technology to fight crime

Genetec's AutoVu solution helps police department apprehend felony offenders and drug traffickers while recouping lost revenue from unpaid fines

MONTREAL, March 13, 2013 - Genetec, a pioneer in the physical security industry and a leading provider of world-class unified IP security solutions, today announced that The Jackson (Miss.) Police Department is using the AutoVu License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution to help officers identify criminals and scofflaws and increase the safety of its citizens.

The Jackson City PD currently has several vehicles equipped with Genetec AutoVu mobile LPR system, located in each of the city's precincts, to ensure there is an officer in each precinct, patrolling and utilizing the technology to scan their area at all times. AutoVu automatically collects vehicle license plates, runs them against a computerized ‘hot list’, and if there is a ‘match’, alerts the Jackson PD officers of issues and infractions, without interfering with their working day or duties.

Inside each police cruiser, on a ruggedized laptop installed for driver use, is the AutoVu Patroller, an eas y to use software designed to automate the verification of vehicle license plates. On the body of each of the cars are 2 AutoVu SharpX IP-based LPR cameras. Specifically designed for mobile applications, the SharpX IP on-vehicle camera is one of the smallest high-resolution LPR cameras in the world. It provides images with two to three times higher resolution than most other LPR cameras on the market and results in extremely accurate license plate read rates – even in bad weather, at poor angles, and at high speeds. The in-vehicle Patroller application helps officers review all data collected throughout the day while the officers back at the central PD unit can monitor and analyze reads from the vehicles. Wirelessly, or at the end of a shift, all data collected is synchronized with the Jackson PD's central system for ongoing analysis.

The Jackson PD has been running Genetec AutoVu systems since 2011. Jackson PD's LPR-equipped cars were originally tasked with locating motorists with multiple unpaid moving violations, but the department soon found many other benefits and uses for the technology.

"Initially, we were looking for a way to help us to locate people with multiple unpaid moving violations, and to increase our odds of catching them. Using the NCIC and warrant hotlist, the AutoVu LPR system has been so sucessful in helping us recover all of these outstanding fines, that the system is paying for itself. Once we started using the LPR system, we soon discovered that a number of the people we had identified for unpaid moving violations were also wanted for other crimes, which led to a number of arrests and convictions. Being able to take felony offenders off the streets of Jackson to keep our citizens safe is always a significant accomplishment," explains Eric Wall, Deputy Chief of Patrol Operations, at the Jackson PD.

More recently, during the holidays' "Operation Safe Shop", the Jackson PD was able to use their LPR equipped vehicles to scan cars coming into major retail centers and apprehend wanted felons before they could get into the stores. "We are confident that we were able to reduce the amount of in-store theft, reduce the number of burglarized cars in the parking lots, and keep holiday shoppers safer that way," explains Deputy Chief Wall.

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