Jackson, Miss. police department uses LPR technology to fight crime

Genetec's AutoVu solution helps police department apprehend felony offenders and drug traffickers while recouping lost revenue from unpaid fines

Because it is uniquely located at the intersection of Interstate 55 (which crosses the country from North to South), and Interstate 20 (which crosses from East to West), the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) Program considers Jackson a key area. A few months ago, during a routine patrol, the AutoVu system was able to flag the car of wanted narcotics dealers, which led to their arrest. Based on their successes, Jackson PD is now planning to increase the number of vehicles equipped with AutoVu to support their narcotics and K9 divisions.

"Being able to add this technology to our road interdiction units will not only help out our own city, but will play a significant role in supporting other regional agencies stem the trafficking of drugs throughout the region," added Deputy Chief Wall.

“We get great satisfaction in seeing how quickly the hard-working law enforcement officers of the Jackson, Miss. Police Department were able to benefit from their AutoVu LPR system. They improved the safety of the general public and their officers on duty, apprehended wanted suspects all the while realizing a solid return on their investment, by recouping lost revenue from delinquent motorists,” said Stephan Kaiser, General Manager for AutoVu at Genetec.