Brivo's Steve Van Till to take part in ISC West presentation on cloud standards

Steve Van Till will be kicking off ISC West in style, 10 April at 10:00 am, with his presentation entitled, "Cloud Standards: Driving the Future While Avoiding Yesterday’s Mistakes." Salvatore D’Agostino, CEO at IDMachines will join Mr. Van Till.

With cloud computing becoming one of the hottest technologies transforming physical security, standards have become a central focus in ensuring that the costly proprietary mistakes of yesterday aren’t repeated in this new, open era. Van Till and D’Agostino examine several key areas of cloud standards relevant to physical security practitioners: identity in the cloud, cloud security, cloud integration, and the standards organizations (SDO’s) relevant to all of them.

Anyone working in the cloud or considering a cloud solution will benefit from the experience and insight provided by two of the Security industry’s Cloud pioneers. Join us to learn:

• How potential standards-based cloud services can transform next generation physical security applications
• How service providers and integrators are leveraging hosted services to increase operational efficiencies in identity management
• Assess how current and emerging cloud-enabled business models will affect the way PACS and identity service providers operate

For those not registered for the ISC West education program, we’ve made arrangements to enable you to attend this special presentation as our guest, register here This offer is only open to those who have not purchased admission to the full education program. For more information and news about Brivo at ISC West go to