IPVideo Corporation displays integrated security command vehicle, portable video surveillance at ISC West


Bay Shore, NY; April 8, 2013 – IPVideo Corporation, an Advance Convergence Group company, a pioneer in the development and implementation of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions, Fusion Center Solutions and Video Management Systems (VMS), will, for the first time, at the International Security Conference (ISC) West, feature its new Mobile Command Center and Portable Video Surveillance Unit (Booth Number 1142). For more than 15 years, IPVideo Corporation has been assisting the public and private sector proactively mitigate security risks while maximizing return on investment. The company provides easy to implement solutions for the complex and ever changing security needs of government agencies, public schools, health care facilities, energy providers and the private sector.

 International Security Conference (ISC) West trade show at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV will take place on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 through Friday, April 12, 2013; the media is invited to visit IPVideo Corporation Booth to observe demonstrations of industry leading technology.

 IPVideo Corporation’s Mobile Command Center (MCC) offers a mobile security solution that incorporates many proprietary technology solutions that the company has developed and integrated for government facilities. The MCC provides a mobile showcase for the most advanced high-tech security available today. The vehicle can be deployed quickly and efficiently for major events where it can coordinate operations as a small footprint mobile substation and provide a hands-on training experience utilizing a platform that can completely integrate video and other data from a wide array of sources. Filled with multiple high definition displays, this command center can be manned by up to nine individuals. This one of a kind system provides a complete and immediate situational analysis and communications solution.

 Representing the first-of-its-kind self contained, durable and portable fully integrated video surveillance recording platform is IPVideo Corporation’s Portable Video Surveillance Unit. The user interface, including all video recording (up to four cameras at once), and communications components are all contained within the portable unit. In its durable case, this approximately 16 pound ultra-high tech unit, was designed for government security agencies and law enforcement surveillance operations, provides a much needed and powerful integrated state-of-the-art video solution.

 “The security and technology challenges facing governmental agencies, schools, corporations, health care facilities, educational institutions and energy providers continue to become more complex and expensive. The cost competitive solutions that we have developed bring video and disparate security data together quickly and present it in an easy to monitor and assess interface.


Our Mobile Command Center Vehicle allows our solution to be quickly deployed and integrated into rapidly changing situations. For the law enforcement community, our Portable Video Surveillance Unit offers a much needed transportable video option for a wide array of surveillance scenarios,” said David Antar, President IPVideo Corporation.

Also on display for demonstrations throughout the show is the latest version of IP Video’s C3 Fusion, an industry leading video and security data integration platform, and its Access Commander system, which enables clients to identify, prioritize and resolve security events, thereby improving safety, increasing security and managing compliance with internal and external regulations.