Panasonic to Showcase Comprehensive Security Technologies and Solutions at ISC West 2013

Panasonic, a leading provider of integrated security and surveillance solutions, is showcasing its latest security technologies in ISC West Booth # 14035). As part of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of security solutions for businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, government and other organizations, Panasonic will demonstrate a range of new surveillance products and several integrated solutions designed to improve efficiency and drive long-term value.

The Mobile Security Control Room Solution is designed to enable remote viewing and control of Panasonic IP-based i-PRO surveillance cameras and recorders using Panasonic Toughpad tablets. Mobile Security Control Room solutions combine the rugged mobility of Toughpad tablets with Panasonic’s advanced line of surveillance technology, providing a truly mobile platform for comprehensive monitoring and control.


Panasonic's focus on providing solutions for specific market needs is being demonstrated in several innovative system configurations at ISC West. Solutions to be showcased include:


Toughpad FZ-G1 - WV-ASM200 i-PRO Management Software Solution: Offering all the capabilities of a fixed-location security command center in a rugged 2.43 lb. tablet, this enterprise-grade solution provides a powerful, full-featured mobile surveillance management platform. Utilizing Panasonic’s WV-ASM200 video management software, users can control and view live feeds from up to 256 directly connected network cameras, and access recordings from up to 100 recorders, directly from their Toughpad tablets. The Toughpad FZ-G1 is a fully-rugged, 10-inch tablet featuring the Windows operating system and a 3rd Generation Intel Core i5-3437U vPro 1.9GHz processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology.


Toughpad FZ-A1 - WJ-NV200 i-PRO SmartHD Network Disk Recorder Solution: Designed for remote viewing and full control of up to 16 network cameras, this solution connects wirelessly to Panasonic’s WJ-NV200 Network Video Recorder, offering an easy-to-use, economical method for mobile surveillance management. The fully-rugged, 10-inch Toughpad FZ-A1 can be equipped with Panasonic’s special Android Remote Control app, available in June, to control camera recording and viewing functions of the WJ-NV200 Network Video Recorder which enables full remote pan/tilt/zoom camera control and live viewing. The app also allows users to remotely search recordings by date and time for playback, and can register and access up to 50 recorders. The Toughpad FZ-A1 runs on a Marvell ARMADA PXA2128 1.2GHz Dual-Core Processor with an embedded hardware security processor, making it FIPS140-2-(Level 2) compliant for U.S. government use.


Retail/POS: In addition to traditional uses such as loss prevention and compliance monitoring, Panasonic’s video surveillance technologies can drive additional return on investment for retail as part of an integrated technology solution. At the show, Panasonic will exhibit an integration of its surveillance technology with its point-of-sale products to identify targeted marketing opportunities, measure consumer shopping patterns and improve overall customer experience.


Panasonic also will feature collaborative solutions developed through its Panasonic Solution Developer Network (PSDN) program, which works closely with other leading providers and manufacturers of security and video surveillance solutions to promote compatibility and interoperability. The network extends and complements Panasonic’s offerings, delivering enhanced functionality and additional value to customer and resellers with exciting, new integrated multi-vendor solutions. PSDN exhibits will include a demonstration of the interoperability of Panasonic’s line of IP Cameras, Recorders and Video Management Software utilizing the ONVIF standard protocol with thermal imaging video surveillance cameras developed by FLIR Systems. PSDN also is working with key video management software and application providers to integrate Panasonic’s new 360° panoramic surveillance cameras, and improved integration of Panasonic video systems and recorders with access control, PSIM, and video analytics solutions.


 “Panasonic’s ISC West exhibit showcases our commitment to providing our customers in a wide variety of industries and markets with the performance, quality and reliability they depend on to keep their facilities protected and secure,” said Greg Peratt, Panasonic video solutions integration team senior director. “As a single-source provider, we design and engineer all the products that comprise our comprehensive security solutions portfolio to improve the overall user experience and provide long-term value.”


The booth will feature demonstrations of both new products ready to hit the market, and cutting-edge technology under development for release later this year. These include:


New Full HD Surveillance Products: A wide range of new surveillance products will be on display at the Panasonic booth, demonstrating its depth and breadth of offerings for a variety of markets and settings. These include an array of indoor/outdoor pan-tilt-zoom, 360° panoramic and compact dome cameras delivering full HD 1080p images, the WJ-GXE100 single channel H.264 encoder that converts any analog signal to an IP signal (available now); and day/night indoor/outdoor analog surveillance cameras with Infrared LED (available in July).


Face Search: Panasonic will demonstrate technology available later this year that allows security personnel to conduct high-speed searches of recorded video for a specific face based on a single reference face.  The ability to search video by face will enable security staff to more quickly find previous recordings of suspects, greatly improving investigation efficiency for example, to pull up past instances of a suspected shoplifter entering a store. The system can also be programmed to “recognize” when a reference face passes a live camera, for example, allowing a business to unlock a door when a known employee passes a surveillance camera, or to alert security staff when a prohibited person attempts to enter a facility. This technology will be released later this year as a software add-on for Panasonic’s ASM200 and ASM970 Video Management platforms.


Environmental Noise Correction: Panasonic will be demonstrating advanced digital signal processing functionality that reduces the appearance of snow in video images in real-time. Expanding on the existing capabilities of Panasonic’s 5 Series cameras to filter out fog and sand noise from video images, this server-based technology greatly improves picture clarity and contrast in snowy conditions. It will be available later this year as a software add-on for Panasonic’s ASM200 and ASM970 Video Management platforms. Demonstration video of this technology can be viewed in the i-PRO Technology section of the booth.


Hydrophilic “Rain-Resistant” Dome Coating: The industry’s first permanent, “rain-resistant” water repellant coating allows rain drops to flatten onto the surface of the camera dome, providing better visibility and viewing capabilities in rainy conditions. In addition, water stains on the cameras dome surface can be washed away by rain or simply spraying it with water, no wiping required. The rain-resistant coating will be available as a standard feature on the following three models (WV-SW396A, WV-SW395A, and WV-CW594A) in April, and the full HD outdoor PTZ dome camera (WV-SW598) beginning in July.