Medstar Harbor Hospital upgrades to Sony IP Cameras

Sony SNC-DH280 with View-DR and IR Illumination used in upgrade from analog to HD video surveillance

McDonald, a 15-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department, says that the success of the Sony IP cameras also makes MedStar Harbor Hospital better prepared should a catastrophic event strike the region.

“Our emergency planning protocol includes a centralized command and control center where crisis managers must have a grasp of what’s going on outside. If our courtyard becomes a triage facility, the managers need to be on top of the situation moment-to-moment. How many are seeking help?  How many ambulances are rolling in? Where should we deploy our resources to put them to best use?” said McDonald.

“These upgrades to our surveillance system give us across-the-board improvements every day, and make us better prepared for worst-case scenarios. This investment fosters a sense of safety, saves us costs and can protect lives in a catastrophe,” McDonald said.