Provide Intelligible Emergency Communications Systems and Boost Your Business


The National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) Mass Notification & Emergency Communications (MNEC) Symposium will be a featured track on May 9, during the PSA-TEC conference in Westminster, Colo. This event will include a keynote address by Michael Mulhare, Director of Office of Emergency Management at Virginia Tech.


Recent changes to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72, along with other various standards, established new requirements for intelligible emergency communications systems. These changes provide a business opportunity for audio and security integrators to combine their expertise and provide a world-class intelligible emergency communications system. Recent events have renewed public interest in the need to communicate effectively and efficiently in times of emergency.


“NSCA is hosting the MNEC symposium as an industry outreach event to educate integrators on this emerging marketplace and highlight a great business opportunity,” said Chuck Wilson, NSCA executive director. “It’s important for NSCA to be an advocate for the integrators who will lead this opportunity, educating the AHJs and their customers on the products and services available to create a strong MNEC system that ensures public safety. There will be a constant need to understand the changing codes, working with public officials to incorporate the codes and standards and utilizing the latest and greatest technology for this critical marketplace.”


Attendees of the MNEC Industry Symposium will take away information on how to:

  • Build knowledge of MNEC including terminology, modified codes and regulations, constituent groups impacted, and inherent risks and rewards
  • Build strategic partnerships between A/V, fire, life-safety, and security industries
  • Communicate with customers/facility managers on the value of emergency systems
  • Assist your clients with a risk assessment to determine vulnerabilities to build the right MNEC system
  • Provide opportunities to see the technologies and applications through table-top displays and representatives from leading manufacturers and consultants


The highlight of the event will feature keynote presenter, Michael Mulhare. Mr. Mulhare will provide details of the emergency notification systems, special alerts and protocols refined over the last few years at Virginia Tech and discuss ways these may be applied to the corporate, healthcare and education markets. As the number of natural disasters and acts of mass violence continue to climb, the sense of urgency to disseminate information quickly, effectively, and intelligibly to those in the affected areas has increased exponentially. 


Registration is $249 to attend the day-long event. You may also choose to attend half of the day for $99 and pay additional registration fees. For more information or to register for the MNEC Symposium, visit