APCO Launches Application Community (“AppComm”) Website

A new trusted site for driving public safety app development


Jay English, APCO’s Director of Communications Center & 9-1-1 Services, noted “this is also an open invitation to the technology community – ranging from the world's largest technology companies to the dorm room, classroom, or garage – to use AppComm as a tool, and work with APCO and other major stakeholders including FirstNet, to focus on creating a new wave of app innovation for public safety and emergency response.”

Here’s what others have to say:


From U.S. Representative Anna G. Eshoo, Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, Committee on Energy and Commerce: "I welcome the launch of AppComm, the nation's first practitioner-driven public safety app development community where first responders and the public can work in collaboration. AppComm will help leverage the expertise of Silicon Valley as we continue to develop mobile apps that empower our first responders with 21st century technology to save lives."


From Congresswoman Doris Matsui, a member of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology: “I am a strong supporter of FirstNet and I am pleased to see that innovation is beginning to evolve and transpire thanks to the spectrum law. America’s innovators need certainty and the law provides a path to begin developing next generation technologies and applications to improve public safety throughout the country. I’m glad to see that APCO is creating a site for spurring discussion and development of mobile public safety apps that will benefit not only first responders, but all Americans, through innovative features and real time data and information.”


From Richard Price, President of the PulsePoint Foundation, and retired Fire Chief for the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District: “As a retired Fire Chief and developer of PulsePoint I am witnessing firsthand the transformational power of public safety apps. I applaud APCO for the timely launch of AppComm and encourage my colleagues to explore this valuable new industry resource and to actively contribute content.”


From Chris Russo, Founder and Executive Vice President, Elerts Corporation, and Deputy Fire Chief of Hull, Massachusetts: “Recent events impacting public safety have demonstrated the incredible power of mobile applications, advanced technologies and social media. It is important as public safety professionals that we bring strong solutions to the market that will enhance the safety of our first responders and allow for community-sourced information to be vetted and shared when appropriate. By serving as a central location for fostering development of public safety apps, AppComm will certainly lead to better ways to protect the public at large.”