Napco Security Systems Inc

Napco control panels now interface with Kwiikset Smartcode locks

Amityville, NY -- May 6, 2013 -- Napco Security Technologies, Inc., (, a manufacturer of industry-leading security systems, announces that any of their new or existing iBridge-equipped, Gemini Control Panels now supports Kwikset’s ( <> ) popular line of SmartCode deadbolt locks with Home Connect technology through the Z-Wave automation functionality.

With a Napco Gemini Panel at the heart of a full iBridge interactive connected home automation system, controlling locking, security, video, temperature and/or lighting, homeowners will now have complete access control capabilities of their Kwikset SmartCode locks, including remote locking/unlocking, viewing current door lock status, receiving text-, email- and even video-clip-messages, when the Kwikset lock is engaged or unlocked, or the Napco alarm is turned on or off when the lock is used. With the simple, affordable addition of an iBridge Z-Remote Z-Wave Module to any Napco Gemini Security System, old or new, Kwikset SmartCode lock owners will be able to control lock status and access, and scenes and schedules that include locking and unlocking, on premises or remotely through Napco's iBridge Connected Home App for Smart Phones/Devices /Tablets or PC, or an optional WiFi iBridge Touchscreen/Tablet with magnetic wall-mount/docking charger or tabletop stand. Likewise, alarm dealers can remotely edit or add Z-Wave powered devices to the iBridge system using the iBridge App and their own smartphone, tablet or PC, including Kwikset SmartCode locks, and Scenes, such as “Returning Home” or “Leaving for the Day” where the locks are unlocked or locked, respectively. Also due in part to Napco’s iBridge innovative Z-Remote Module’s antenna design, the Z-Wave device range may be nearly doubled, including that to the Kwikset Locks with which it’s been demonstrated. While alarm reporting is to any central station of choice, each account’s Z-Wave device settings and home automation schedules are backed-up &/or restored from the Cloud, easily with iBridge’s dealer-saver remote features.

Kwikset’s SmartCode deadbolts and levers with Home Connect technology integrate with home security and automation systems, allowing the locks to communicate with other wireless products in the home such as security systems and home entertainment systems. Home Connect technology delivers convenience and peace of mind to homeowners with complete remote locking and unlocking via smartphones and tablets.

Jorge Hevia, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Napco, added “iBridge Interactive Connected Home Services teamed with Kwikset Home Connect Locks, take a great first line of defense for residential security consumers and add new-found convenience and a new positive, daily consumer experience from their security system. This, plus Napco iBridge Dealers’ remote service-call options via their smart devices, should improve service levels, satisfaction, and overall, dealer account retention. iBridge Systems, integrating popular Kwikset Locks, provide a great new source of RMR for dealers, for new and existing alarm accounts, and a more-cost-effective means of competing with any large company, cable or telephone service provider.”

"This is a win-win situation for everyone involved," said Keith Brandon, director, sales and marketing, Kwikset. "Certainly, we're pleased that customers who are interested in all of the great access control benefits of the Kwikset SmartCode Home Connect locks can now have access to the locks' full functionality through the high-quality security solutions produced by Napco. We're also confident that Napco's customers will appreciate the high level of security and convenience afforded by our SmartCode Home Connect locks. "Napco's dealers will also come out ahead as well, since the Kwikset locks give them an excellent way to extend their sales opportunities and increase their revenue stream."