TOTUS Solutions

Totus Solutions recognized at ISC West 2013

Austin, TX - April 16, 2013 - TOTUS Solutions won the award for the Best Outdoor Perimeter Protection product with its Outdoor LED Lighting-Based Security Platform at the Security Industry Association’s 2013 New Product Showcase (NPS) during ISC West.

TOTUS’ award-winning platform introduces a fully integrated security system to the market that combines video surveillance, 2-way audio, wired or wireless voice/data/video communication, and Ethernet-controlled outdoor LED lighting into a single, integrated, easy to install package. The new TOTUS Surveillance Platform (TSP) leverages a 360° megapixel IP camera powered by TOTUS technology partner Mobotix, and extending the Mobotix Q24’s versatile event-action-processing to include lighting control and management via the TOTUS developed lighting control processor. Communication components from TOTUS create wireless IP connections between multiple TSP units for full system control, and extends IP network connections for security and surveillance to parking lots and campus environments with no additional wiring.

During the SIA live demonstration, TOTUS Vice President of Product Management Per Hanssen demonstrated TOTUS’ unique Active Deterrence feature designed to ward off crime in real-time through event action processing. When motion is detected, the LED lights are used as a deterrent by flashing or alternating brightness, drawing attention to the crime as it’s happening. TOTUS recently introduced an emergency call box option, enhancing its Active Deterrence with two-way audio communication and emergency response with the press of a button.

“We are thrilled and honored to be recognized as the best outdoor perimeter protection solution in the industry,” said Gregory Williams, President and CEO, TOTUS Solutions. “TOTUS continues to make advances in security technology that buyers are anxious to see. We want to provide them the most intelligent outdoor lighting security system at the highest value.”

The TOTUS Surveillance Platform provides a low total cost of ownership as only one installation is required, instead of three separate installations from surveillance video, IT communications, and outdoor lighting vendors. This platform allows the expansion of security to unprotected areas, where coverage was not possible or too expensive to deploy.

“Each year, the companies competing in SIA’s New Product Showcase at ISC West present the leading-edge security solutions that are shaping the industry,” said SIA CEO Don Erickson. “These new technologies and solutions are the drivers that are moving the security industry forward, and I congratulate TOTUS Solutions on their win at this year’s NPS.”

Since its inception in 1979, the NPS has been the security industry’s premier awards-based marketing program. This year’s NPS Program had 84 entries from 66 companies.