SecurityTronix announces free DDNS service for its brand DVRs.


Las Vegas, NV. - May 29, 2013 -- SecurityTronix, a manufacturer of a comprehensive line of analog and IP based video surveillance equipment, announced today the official release of their Free DDNS Service for DVR Surveillance. This is a free service for businesses, homeowners and installers requiring off premise access to their cameras in a dynamic IP environment so they can stay connected wherever they are. Concerns over continually changing IP addresses interrupting connectivity to their DVR service is now a thing of the past!

With several traditional free DDNS services converting to fee based services and the lack of new free domestically hosted DDNS services becoming available, SecurityTronix has bridged this gap for their customers. The new SecurityTronix DDNS service allows the user to set up an account for an authorized SecurityTronix device and access that device over the web or on their mobile device. Even if the IP address of the router is reset by the administrator or the ISP makes an IP address change, the SecurityTronix DDNS service will track and resolve the new IP information and properly direct the user to their DVR.
"We saw the need for a way to end the frustration of continually reentering dynamic IP addresses as they changed over time. Our Free DDNS service will give SecurityTronix customers peace of mind, knowing their video feeds will be available without the technical glitches found in dynamic ISP service." commented Jake Blake, SecurityTronix's CCTV and IP Video Senior Technician. "Easy set up instructions are included with each DVR purchase and our legendary technical support is available for customers in need" continued Blake.

The SecurityTronix DDNS service Data Center has a redundant fiber-optic Tier 1 Internet backbone with an expected 99.999% uptime. In addition, the servers are load-balanced with an expected 99.999% uptime. The Data Center is an American Company with 24x7x365 staff, whose job it is to ensure operational functionality.

For technical assistance with the SecurityTronix DDNS Service call the tech line at: (610) 429-1821 and press 3, then 2 for CCTV support.