Old Dominion Freight recognized for excellence in security planning

COLUMBIA, SC -- June 5, 2013 - At the annual American Trucking Association (ATA) meeting, the Supply Chain Security and Loss Prevention Council announced that Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. was the winner of the 2013 Award for Excellence in Security, the second year in a row Old Dominion Freight has received the award.

Dedicated exclusively to addressing policies and practices that achieve maximum security in the trucking industry, ATA's Supply Chain Security & Loss Prevention Council's criterion for winning the award includes independent assessment of each company's net claims regarding theft.

"We've had no external theft at any of our 223 locations in in the last six years", Geoff Stephany, Director of Claims and Security for Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc., acknowledged. "What we do is leading edge - we use technology extensively for a layered security approach. The Electric Guard Dog is one of the technologies that helps us be a leader. The system is a big deterrent to late night visitors and, financially, it has allowed us to reduce our recurring guard costs by 70%."

Stephany continued, "I'd also highlight the work of our team. From across the spectrum of our employee base, everyone takes security seriously and personally. They're scrupulous in their care and maintenance of the system."

Electric Guard Dog CEO Jack DeMao commented, "We couldn't be happier for Geoff Stephany and Old Dominion, and we're honored to be part of their security plan. They take security and cost control very seriously and set best practice standards."

Electric Guard Dog, the #1 Theft Deterrent Service in the U.S., is a Security Partner for 3,000+ commercial and industrial locations across the nation, protecting businesses, providing a safer work environment for employees, and reducing total security costs.

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