Ingersoll Rand's launches "Try Me" campaign with the military

CARMEL, Ind., June 3, 2013 – Hotel-style locks, designed for infrequent use, are not holding up at military bases where they are predominantly used in barracks. As a result, Ingersoll Rand is providing the military with a “Try Me” program to learn how to better secure military bases.
“Hotel-style locks have historically had a shorter than desired lifespan when used in military barrack applications,” emphasizes April Dalton-Noblitt, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, director-vertical marketing. “Military barracks maintenance managers are finding that Schlage commercial lock solutions, the CO-Series locks and AD-Series combination locks and readers, are a perfect replacement. They are more secure and durable and are especially easy to program and install on retrofit programs.”
Of special interest to the military, the exclusive FIPS-compliant wireless combination lock and reader, the AD-401 complies with the HSPD-12 / FIPS 201 / PIV directive.
Dalton-Noblitt cites how a navy base had predominantly hotel-style locks throughout their many barracks. The Facility Maintenance Manager (FMM) responsible for base maintenance and locks programming was frustrated that their six-year old hotel locks at the training barracks were already in need of repair and replacement. He also wanted to upgrade from magnetic stripe cards to proximity. Their integrator suggested Schlage CO-Series locks as a better alternative to address the durability and credential concerns.
They showed the FMM how easy installation and programming was and emphasized that the cost to replace hotel locks was offset by the doors not having to be replaced. He let the manager hold the lock to appreciate how the commercial ANSI Grade 1 standard CO-Series lock is more solid and durable than the hotel-style lock and, therefore, better able to handle the abuse they get in a military housing. Lastly, the integrator offered a “Try Me” test. After the test, the FMM got the approval to not only install CO-Series locks on the floor originally being addressed but to implement them throughout the entire building.
The CO-Series offers a variety of options – keypad only, proximity, magnetic stripe and dual credential plus PIN options are available. Users can control where people go and when by setting up access rights and schedules in a central database which gets transferred to the locks using Schlage Utility Software with a handheld device. With some versions, audit trails can provide visibility as to who accessed a door and when. An innovative key-in-lever design also lets users leverage their existing master key systems.
The modular, open architecture AD-Series lets users customize door openings with options such as credential reader type, networking, finish and levers to create a perfect fit. Yet, as their business needs change, so can their access control solution to new credential technologies, a variety of network protocols, increased security levels and system expansions. Upgrades can be as simple as interchanging a module.
Military barracks FMMs wanting to “Try Me” on CO-Series locks or AD-Series combination locks and readers can simply contact their local Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies sales office for their nearest authorized integrator.