U.S. Security Associates introduces Smart Solution for incident management


As security companies continue to feel the pressure of shrinking profit margins, the smart money is on smart technology to help security firms remain viable in today’s competitive security services market. One of America’s largest security companies, U.S. Security Associates (USA), is putting technology to work doing everything from tracking officers on patrol and recognizing a “man down” to monitoring facility conditions and equipment gauges and managing security incidents.


USA’s Incident Management System (IMS) utilizes handheld mobile devices for capturing incident data and photos and launching rapid notification protocols, integrating the ease and functionality of mobile technology with a comprehensive incident database and powerful incident reporting and trend analysis tools.


When security incidents take place, effective communication and timely notifications can help save lives and property. IMS minimizes the potential for miscommunication and delays by prompting officers to submit key incident data and photos on the spot and then launching a pre-defined sequence of notifications. Key stakeholders are automatically alerted, and officers can return to their duties quickly.


Because comprehensive incident documentation is critical, IMS tracks the status of each incident report all the way through the approval process, ensuring that the security team follows through on completion of a thorough report. IMS and the strong focus on report writing in USA’s security training program ensure that security personnel effectively capture details that could be critical should litigation or insurance claims arise.


IMS features built-in reports that track incident history by user-specified parameters and chart incident trends for easy analysis and comparisons. The system supports a level of meaningful incident analysis that provides a basis for ongoing strategic management of risks and threats.


With internal developers continuously designing proprietary security solutions technology like IMS that reduce client risk, enhance officer productivity and control costs across the board, U.S. Security Associates is positioned to set new benchmarks in years to come through convergence and augmentation of technology with uniformed security resources.