Tyco Fire Protection Products showcases comprehensive fire solutions from simulated university campus at NFPA 2013

University themed booth gives hands-on insights


Tyco Fire Protection Products (TFPP), a global leader in fire suppression technologies, is presenting its comprehensive fire solutions at the annual National Fire Protection (NFPA) Conference and Expo June 10 to 13 at McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago. Fire protection experts will guide attendees through the integrated fire protection offerings of TFPP with interactive product applications and demonstrations inside a university-themed booth.


“As the premier event in fire and life safety, the NFPA Conference & Expo provides the opportunity to engage a broad range of professionals to help them think holistically about their approach to protecting resources and investments,” said James Golinveaux, Senior Fellow, Water Fire Suppression, TFPP. “In 2013, we’ve taken a different approach with a university setting inside our booth. Attendees will be able to tour classrooms for hands-on experiences with our products, including fire detection technologies, mechanical systems, water-based and special hazard fire suppression solutions.”


Fire Suppression University provides on-the-spot training

Modeled after a traditional university campus, the booth invites guests to tour Fire Suppression University to experience the various fire suppression solutions from TFPP in various fire hazard scenarios. Visitors will be able to attend mini lectures for an overview of available solutions for multiple building environments.


“At Tyco, we are committed to education, and offer on-site and virtual customer training sessions for the distributors and end-users of our products,” said Golinveaux. “At the conference and expo, we are excited to transform those programs into on-site learning opportunities for the 4,500 professionals attending the event.”


Interactive demonstrations will educate guests on the applications and capabilities of products from TFPP brands, such ANSUL, PYRO-CHEM, RAPID RESPONSE, CHEMGUARD, SprinkCAD and Williams Fire & Hazard Control.


Simulated classrooms offer hands-on learning opportunities

Attendees will learn about fire protection solutions and products for a variety of applications by exploring hands-on, campus fire hazard scenarios, including:


  • Residence Hall – A RAPID RESPONSE residential fire sprinkler system will protect a simulated dormitory area and invite guests to interact with TFPP’s online Contractor Locator to find their nearest Rapid Response Contractor.


  • Dining Hall – A mocked-up kitchen environment will showcase how the ANSUL R-102 restaurant fire suppression system protects lives and equipment in environments that can reach self-igniting temperatures of 685 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Data Center – A working display of INERGEN, an inert gas agent from the ANSUL brand, will demonstrate solutions for safeguarding enclosed environments where people may be present or valuable data or documents are stored.
  • Science Lab – Functional foam JC1 systems from the ANSUL, CHEMGUARD and Williams Fire & Hazard Control brands will simulate fire protection solutions for special hazards where flammable liquids are present. A simulated geology class will feature fire suppression systems for mining vehicles.


  • Design Class – Visitors will experience a first-hand demonstration of SprinkCAD design software, including an entire suite of programs to assist engineers and designers in layout, hydraulic calculation, fluid delivery and code reference.


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