ScanSource enhances value-added technology focus with new worldwide management structure

As a part of this new structure, ScanSource has created two technology segments, each with its own president

GREENVILLE, S.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- June 20, 2013 -- ScanSource, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCSC), the leading international value-added distributor of specialty technology products, today announced a new management structure to enhance its worldwide technology markets focus and growth strategy. This worldwide management structure creates new leadership roles and reporting segments to globally leverage the Company’s leadership in specific technology markets.

“Scott and Andrea’s continued operational management and enhanced strategic focus will ensure that we are positioned to succeed.”
As a part of this new structure, ScanSource has created two technology segments, each with its own President. The two segments are Worldwide Barcode and Security, which includes ScanSource POS and Barcode and ScanSource Security business units, and Worldwide Communications and Services, which encompasses ScanSource Catalyst, ScanSource Communications and ScanSource Services Group business units.

Technology Segment and Business Unit Leadership

Glen “Buck” Baker has been appointed to the new position of President, Worldwide Barcode and Security. Mr. Baker most recently served as Interim President of ScanSource Europe, where he was responsible for strategic direction and leadership of the Company’s European operations, including its POS & Barcode and Communications business units. Mr. Baker joined ScanSource in 1995 and served in such roles as President of ScanSource Communications, North America, as well as Vice President of Merchandising for both Catalyst Telecom and ScanSource POS & Barcode, North America.

Mike Ferney has been appointed to the new position of President, Worldwide Communications and Services. Mr. Ferney joined ScanSource in 1998 and most recently served as Vice President of Merchandising for ScanSource Catalyst where he managed the Company’s vendor relationships. Prior to this, Mr. Ferney served as Vice President of Sales for the ScanSource Communications business unit, where he was instrumental in the growth and success of the Company.

ScanSource’s management organization includes additional changes in support of the strategic technology focus. Rich Long has been appointed President of ScanSource Catalyst and ScanSource Communications, North America. Mr. Long previously served as Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications for ScanSource, Inc. He brings extensive channel experience to this position, having served in marketing and merchandising management positions for ScanSource, both in North America and in Europe, as well as in channel leadership for Extreme Networks.

“As a market leader in our technology segments, we have the opportunity to leverage our size and experience to deliver more value to our vendor and reseller partners in our existing markets. What’s more, we are continually looking to identify new growth opportunities for both ScanSource and our partners. This new organization structure will allow us to capitalize on our strengths and these opportunities,” said Mike Baur, CEO, ScanSource, Inc. “Buck and Mike have been instrumental to our growth, successfully leading high-performance teams that have achieved significant success, while Rich’s extensive channel leadership will add great value to the continued growth of our North America communications businesses.”

Operational Leadership

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