Minuteman releases security power resources for users and installers


Para Systems Inc., manufacturer of the Minuteman line of power protection products released a set of security power resources recently. Those resources include a white paper titled “Security and Power: The Critical Role of Power Protection for Security Applications,” an educational video, as well as an online Security channel page at Minutemanups.com. These resources focus on the potential consequences of security system failure, along with the power protection solutions needed for protecting critical equipment.


The white paper, video, and channel page provide background information on power and its associated anomalies, as well as showing users and installers how power problems can affect businesses and campuses. The use of power protection within security applications is also outlined, and readers are shown how a comprehensive power plan can further contribute to securing facilities. Above and beyond merely causing an inconvenience, power problems can endanger the safety of employees, students, patrons and customers.


“Security systems and power are closely intertwined with each other,” stated Bill Allen, director of marketing for Para Systems. “Without power, security systems cease to function, leaving businesses, employees and customers unprotected – and that’s not a good thing.”


Power protection is needed wherever there are cameras, video recording devices (DVRs and NVRs), access control systems, fire alarms, intrusion detection devices, emergency communications equipment, asset protection or loss prevention systems. All these mission critical systems play a part in protecting a business or other institution.


“By the time a power incident occurs or disaster strikes, it’s too late to take many of the important steps to protect a business. Too many business owners and managers take the supply of power for granted and do not plan accordingly,” stated Allen.


Minuteman Power Technologies provides many solutions that can protect business and security systems ranging from AC Surge Products to Extended Runtime UPSs. AC Surge Products are designed to protect equipment from catastrophic power problems, and are recommended for non-critical devices. Data Line Surge products are also available to protect cameras, DVR’s, POE and IP devices.


For mission critical equipment, Minuteman’s uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) protect devices from 100% of power problems. These units use a variety of hardware to remove problems from incoming utility power, including spikes, electrical interference, brownouts, and surges. A UPS also provides the battery backup power needed to keep your security system working during a power failure


In today’s connected world, being without power is simply not an option. Minuteman's comprehensive line of power protection products offer business owners the peace of mind from knowing their physical assets, customers, and staff will be safe when power problems occur, and they didn’t have to break the bank to get there.