Central Works PRO


AlarmSoft announced the launch of Central Works PRO. For decades AlarmSoft has paved the way with new technologies and applications for the security industry. The latest software platform integrates the features and functionality of the popular Central Works 2000 software platform into a new GUI interface. Central Works PRO offers the ingenuity and flexibility expected from a top notch software provider. Easy to use drop down boxes, scroll bars and menus make managing subscriber account information a breeze.


An easy point and click process has been developed to help operators process alarm signals and information faster than ever before. Simple yet elegant presentation of data relevant to the current alarm condition is readily displayed so that a simple glance at the screen gives an operator all necessary information to make a dispatching decision. Since more and more municipalities, local and state government agencies are constantly changing and adding new and more stringent policies concerning false alarm dispatches it becomes absolutely vital that your central station software be intelligent enough to alert you to redundant dispatches. Many systems do not track how many or how often a particular alarm condition occurs. With the Central Works PRO you can be assured that multiple dispatches to the same location, or for the same event, are brought to the operator’s attention before a false dispatch can be made.


Following this same line of logic ultimately led to the development of the “cross-zoning” feature that is becoming more and more popular and instrumental to those dealers monitoring outdoor security. This new feature allows a predetermined number of alarms to be received within a specific time frame before bringing the signal to the screen for operator action. This is especially useful for things like fence alarms that are notorious for creating false signals during stormy conditions. Using this technology will help reduce, or even eliminate, false dispatches to outdoor locations.


During the development phase, AlarmSoft learned that time-consuming data entry, re-entry or cumbersome data conversion routines were undesirable. In order to make a seamless and smooth transition for existing Central Works 2000 users the program has been specifically designed and developed to use the same file handling and data structure routines that our popular DOS product used for the last 35 years. This proprietary database structure has proven itself nearly “bullet-proof” and has been consistently reliable since its inception.


Since 1978, AlarmSoft has been staffed by alarm professionals from every part of the security industry. Our staff is comprised of over 100 years of accumulated knowledge from hands on operation of not only installing security products and equipment but also from live central station management. Software is developed from the unique insight of “looking out from the inside.” At AlarmSoft, we know what it takes to run a successful security company. Many of the unique features and options found in our software do not exist on other platforms simply because those companies are not in the security business. At AlarmSoft, we not only listen to you, the central station owner, but also to our own employees and colleagues in the industry. Only by taking this unique approach to software design and development have we been able to enjoy the status of being mavericks in alarm software development.


Once again, we are proud to lead the way in setting yet another new standard for the industry. With the Central Works PRO you can run a completely automated monitoring service requiring no 24 hour personnel, a fully manned central station using multiple PCs and operators or anywhere in between. With our unparalleled ability to keep our systems modular and easy to use we are able to provide software system designs that will fit nearly any budget. With our top quality line of internal PC alarm receiver cards and our newest GUI interface you will be hard pressed to find a better monitoring solution anywhere.