AT&T to launch innovation centers in Atlanta, Dallas

New 'Foundry' facilities designed to speed innovation in Digital Life home security and automation offering

DALLAS, June 25, 2013 — Innovation has a new home. Two, actually.

AT&T is launching new AT&T Foundry facilities in Atlanta and the Dallas-Fort Worth areas to speed up the development of the latest technologies and applications that will help enrich your life whether at home, work or on the road.

“Since its founding three years ago, the mission of the AT&T Foundry has been to identify great ideas, put the right people and technology ecosystem around them and move them quickly to market,” said John Donovan, Senior Executive Vice President of AT&T Technology and Network Operations. “As a result, our customers are benefitting from great products and services that set the pace for innovation and our company is realizing more enhanced efficiencies internally.

“We’re planning to move fast at these new locations, which will be focused on accelerating many of the new technologies that will drive AT&T’s growth in the near future.”

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The AT&T Foundry in Atlanta will lead the way in developing the next generation of lifestyle applications and services our customers want. Located adjacent to Georgia Tech, the AT&T Foundry team will test and develop products and services for Digital Life, AT&T’s recently-launched home security and automation service. The team will also create new apps and services related to the “connected car,” mobility, emerging devices, and AT&T U-verse. Host sponsor Cisco will collaborate with AT&T on projects and help identify key third-party developers, startups, investors, inventors and other entrepreneurs to bring into the facility.

“The AT&T Foundry in Atlanta will be at the center of our efforts to make your life easier, simpler, more connected and more secure,” said Ralph de la Vega, President and Chief Executive Officer of AT&T Mobility. “Whether you want to check your thermostat from the road, make the drive home a little more enjoyable, or have devices conveniently handle routine things from your day, the AT&T Foundry delivers these types of innovations and more.”

The AT&T Foundry in Atlanta is the result of collaboration between AT&T, Cisco, Georgia Tech, and state and local business and political leadership.

"The AT&T Foundry is a tremendous asset for Atlanta's innovation community. With a rich history in wireless technology, the metro Atlanta region has emerged as the global leader in mobility," said Sam A. Williams, President, Metro Atlanta Chamber. "This announcement comes amid a new, strategic effort to foster stronger collaborations among our universities and businesses and is a great example of the kind of results that can be achieved. Tighter bonds between academic and business leaders will propel our industries, and overall economy, forward."

“Our long-standing relationship and close collaboration with AT&T continues through our host sponsorship of the new AT&T Foundry in Atlanta,” said Pankaj Patel, executive vice president and chief development officer, Cisco. “Our vision is to bring together people, processes, data and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before. Cisco’s deep-rooted heritage and ties to the Atlanta innovation community are a natural fit with the AT&T Foundry vision. By joining forces, we look to turn information into actions that create new capabilities and richer experiences for consumers and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses.”

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