Vector Electric partners to meet federal HSPD-12 access control requirements

Tech companies join to deliver fully integrated physical security systems solutions

“We worked together to engineer the architecture and identify the technology that would meet the stringent requirements for a secure wireless solution for CBP. Xirrus with FIPS-140-2 compliant technologies fit that bill,” explained Bill Knapp, Director of Business Development, Capital Communications. “In the end, we have achieved a high-performing, highly secure network.”

All video and access data is available through the combined interfaces, providing a full view of activity anywhere in the facility through both access control audit trails and video confirmation. The Brivo and Video Insight interfaces reside side-by-side on the desktop. The IDS, duress and PACS systems report data to Brivo; and all video data flows to the Video Insight dashboard. The operator can mouse from one interface to the other—no wasted key strokes, full system visibility.

The companies have been installing and fine-tuning Guard Tour for these DHS facilities for over 4 years and the innovation continues. “This is the highest level of integration and seamless operation of this number of systems we’ve achieved thus far in our many federal security installations,” said Pittman. “We believe this scalable, highly flexible system model is perfect for rollout to any DHS CBP facility looking for a cost-effective, highly functional, and rapid way to achieve HSPD-12 compliance. What’s more, through the Brivo interface this system is ‘cloud ready,’ it’s just a matter of when the end user decides to make the transition.”