New integrated access, video, and alarm system for Gibraltar Border Patrol Station

Bethesda, MD, July 01, 2013 – Brivo Systems LLC, leader in cloud applications for security management, today announced that working in cooperation with Vector Electric Inc. (VEI), a new integrated, comprehensive security solution, incorporating the Brivo ACS OnSite Aparato, has been designed and installed at the Gibraltar (MI) Border Patrol Station.

The Gibraltar Border Patrol Station is a 17,000-square-foot facility opened in 2008. Located near Detroit, Michigan and just a few miles from the Lake Erie border line with Canada, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Gibraltar Station is in a strategically important area as defined by the Department of Homeland Security.

“The Gibraltar Station had a legacy system that covered the entire facility,” explained Duane Pittman, President, VEI, “but it was antiquated and it could not communicate with newly-issued PIV cards based on the mandated HSPD-12 standard.”

Bill Knapp, Capital Communications Director of Business Development partnered with Vector Electric to develop the system. “Another critical factor is the current government budget situation. We had to be able to design a highly effective system that is HSPD-12 compliant and could incorporate as much of the CBP’s legacy equipment investment as possible.” The situation required a cohesive team of highly knowledgeable integrator resources.

Pittman and Knapp settled on a Brivo ACS OnSite Aparato system at the core, supported by a video management system. Capital Communications managed the installation of the video components, while VEI oversaw installation of the Brivo access control solution, a re--designed duress system, and an IDS, or Intrusion Detection System.

The overall goal for the new, integrated system was for end users to be able to use their HSPD-12 PIV cards seamlessly throughout the entire facility. In addition, high-level integration of all the various systems was needed to bring the facility to a whole new level of security and system flexibility.

All video and access data is available through the combined interfaces, providing a full view of activity anywhere in the facility through both an access control audit trail and video confirmation. The Brivo and video interfaces reside side-by-side on the desktop. The IDS, duress and PACS systems report data to Brivo; and all video data flows to the video management system dashboard. The operator can mouse from one interface to the other—no wasted key strokes, full system visibility.

The Gibraltar Border Station has 32 cameras deployed, and the Brivo system manages approximately 40 access points. “This is the highest level of integration and seamless operation of this number of systems we’ve achieved thus far in our many federal security installations,” said Pittman. “We believe this scalable, highly flexible system model is perfect for rollout to any DHS CBP facility looking for a cost-effective, highly functional, and rapid way to achieve HSPD-12 compliance. What’s more, this system is ‘cloud ready,’ it’s just a matter of when the end user decides to make the transition.”

Looking to the future, Knapp added, “Gibraltar is now positioned to implement a comprehensive security platform that integrates the FIPS 140-2 wireless network and the Brivo system’s Guard Tour capabilities. Guard Tour utilizes existing Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards to provide an audit trail of guard visitations to each detention cell and document that detainees are being properly monitored.”

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