Former White House cybersecurity advisor joins Codenomicon Board of Directors

SAN FRANCISCO - 30 June 2013 -
Codenomicon, the market leader in security testing, announced today that Howard A. Schmidt was chosen as Chairman to the Codenomicon Board of Directors. Schmidt has been a member of the Codenomicon Board of Directors over two years.
Schmidt is also an internationally distinguished security expert, who has served President Barack Obama as White House Cybersecurity Coordinator until May 2012. During the Administration of George W. Bush, Schmidt served as vice chair of the President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board and special adviser for Cyberspace Security for the White House.
"Codenomicon is thrilled to have Prof. Schmidt as the Chairman. Schimidt's experience, expertise, and relations have already proven to be invaluable", said Codenomicon CEO, David Chartier.
While serving the Bush Administration in 2002, Schmidt first became familiar with the efforts of Codenomicon’s founders when they released a security advisory on critical vulnerabilities in the SNMP network communications protocol. Due to the criticality of the SNMP security vulnerabilities, the Administration discussed the security advisory inside the Oval Office.
Howard A. Schmidt has had a long distinguished career in defense, law enforcement and corporate security spanning more than 40 years, bringing with him experience in business, defense, intelligence, law enforcement, privacy, academia, and international relations. As the Presidents’ advisor, Schmidt was responsible for coordinating interagency cybersecurity policy development and implementation, and he coordinated relations with federal, state, local, international, and private sector cybersecurity partners.
Previously, he was Chief Security Strategist for the US CERT Partners Program for the National Cyber Security Division, Department of Homeland Security (DHS). His private-sector experience includes serving as Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, and Chief Security Strategist at eBay and as Chief Security Officer for Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft, Schmidt served in leadership roles in the U.S. Air Force and FBI.
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