Verint advances leadership in financial services sector with array of actionable intelligence solutions

90 percent of global Fortune 500 finance organizations count on Verint Solutions to enhance security and mitigate risk

Making Big Data Actionable in Financial Compliance Environments
Many financial organizations also are required to record and archive their voice interactions to help ensure compliance with requirements from local and international central banks, security commissions and government regulations. With nearly two decades of experience as a leading provider of compliance recording, Verint continues to deliver proven, reliable software for recording, indexing and retrieving voice communications across the enterprise, including trading floor, branch office and back-office operations environments.
Operating in traditional TDM and the latest generation IP telephony environments, these solutions are helping financial institutions around the world comply with regulations and uncover business trends by monitoring and analyzing cross-channel communications to mitigate risk, responding to compliance requirements--including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard--identifying potential regulatory issues, performing sales verification and improving operational performance.

"Organizations today require sophisticated, analytics-based solutions for distilling the most timely and relevant information from Big Data. The Actionable Intelligence that such solutions provide help equip them for better informed, more effective decision making," explains Elan Moriah, president, Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions(TM) and Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions(TM). "That's why financial institutions continue to turn to Verint to help address some of their most challenging issues and obligations--such as safeguarding people, property and assets; mitigating liability and risk; complying with changing industry regulations and standards; and enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness--all while building loyalty and profitability."